Social Service is an important ministry of CMC. The secretariat try to implement the activities planned for every year.


Main focus is on programmes like counseling by which broken families are being united, sending people for suitable retreats, to send the drunkards to de-addiction centers, to give counseling to college students to assist to build houses for homeless using revolving fund, to help the children to get admissions in schools, to teach them money saving habit etc. The money required for this service is obtained by setting apart a certain (20%) amount of money from the total income of the convent. The department is keen to encourage people to cultivate pollution-less vegetable, to help people to have chicken hatchery, to plant more trees and fruit trees, to organize awareness rally on cleanliness, pollution free air etc. Also to educate mentally and physically challenged people, to comfort the prisoners by jail ministry, to arrange boarding facilities to the deserving students etc.