CMC Education

From its very inception, CMC has been focusing her attention to educate the children as we are quite aware that it is only through education, one can get developed.


The reason behind the literacy rate of Kerala women is nothing but education. When the congregation was started, the sisters motivated the children by starting boarding school (Edukandath) so that they could stay and utilize their time and energy for reading and writing and learning. Progress is the index of culture in the onward march of humanity. We stand for education which facilitates enhancement, sustenance and refinement of culture and inculcation of values. We consider that it is a joint effort of parents and the management of the school. There is a core committee to give advice to the proper conduct of educational institutions. The sisters are sent for higher studies and to update themselves.

Now-a-days stress is given for value education. CEVA Model of education is encouraged. Occasional staff meetings are conducted and draw backs are rectified.

Faith Formation, Catechesis

It is yet another port folio used in inculcating faith in once own religion. There will be a secretariat which occasionally meets to discuss, plan and implement the ideas. The main aim of this is to give constructive criticism to the members and to inculcate values in students through various action plans. Some of the activities are:
  • to have study class on CCC ( Youcat)
  • to organize home mission in parishes
  • to train the sisters in counselling
  • to organize retreat for students
  • to conduct skit, drama, dance
  • to organize pilgrimages
  • to conduct awareness classes
  • to take value education classes
  • to conduct home visit and thereby to comfort the poor, neglected and needy.