News and Events

Vol.7 / May 2021

Feast of St. Joseph and Meals for the poor
As per the tradition and that of our directives of CMC, each of this Convent of the Region prepared funch and served the nominated person. It was a joyful occasion. Sr. William, Sr. Rose Rani and aspirants Kareena and Rajshree visited Faridabad Sec. 16 A and Sec. 88 Convents on 19th March 2021. They took with them a packet of gooseberries for the Sisters. They also visited the family of Ms. Jasvinder Kaur, a teacher of Sec.88 School whose father died one year back. We prayed for the deceased father and the family acknowledged our visit very thankfully. Sisters also visited Mr. Manish and family and prayed for his ailing wife and comforted them.

Lenten Reflection
News & Events A talk was arranged for the sisters at Bagrana and Malviya Nagar on 14l" March 2021. Rev. Fr, Edward Oliveira, the Vicar General of the Diocese of Jaipur facilitated the programme. Sr. William and Sr. Mary Lince visited the Postulants Queen Mary, Manisha and Neeleswari at Chavara Sadan, Bhopal on 10l" March 2021. They returned the next day. Sr. Archana, Sr. Irene and Sr. Janet went to Ajmer on 5" March 2021for their M.Ed examination and Viva Voice. They returned after a 3 days exam. Mr. Guptaji from Delhi visited our Convent to invite the sisters and teachers of the School when the Bagrana Bus depot got inaugurated the city services of the bus on 5№ March 2021-100 pink buses be playing in the city which will relieve the traffic jam and alt the tension of getting a bus got reduced for office journey.

YouTube Channel
A YouTube Channel was managed to prepare by Sr. Janet and Sr. Sharon. Please subscribe to this channel titled. 'CMC Amal Jyothi Jaipur'.

Feast of St. Teresa of Avila
We celebrated the feast ofAvila Bhavan at Tonk, the patroness saint being St. Teresa ofAvila. They had a Solemn Mass. The feast was celebrated at Regional House with a Solemn Mass by our Parish Priest Fr. Sujaya. Sr. William gave an introduction before Mass, about St. Teresa of Avila.

Canonical Visitation of Convents
News & Events Sr. Lissy Augustine, General Councillor for Mission visited Tonk, Alwar and Malviya Nagar Convents officially from 2 to 8 March 2021 for conducting the visitation. She was welcomed at the Jaipur Airport by Sr. William, the Regional Superior and Sr. Rose Rani, the Secretary. She went back on 8th March 2021.

Holy ChildHood Day
News & Events It was celebrated in the Parish along with Sunday Mass on 28th February 2021. The introduction. Reading of the Bible, Offertory, procession, Singing etc were done by the children. After Mass, they staged a few entertainments.

- Sr. Alphonsa went to Malviya Nagar to facilitate the studies and travel to the College. Wish you the best!

Feast day of Sr. William
News & Events Feast day of Sr. William was celebrated in the Region. Holy Mass was concelebrated by Fr. Paul D'souza, Fr. Sujith Paul IMS and Fr.PapunNayak I MS. Sisters from all the convents joined to sing and pray. Sr. Arsenia proposed a toast. Sr. William thanked everybody. Sr. William and Sr. Rose Joe are back in Bagrana on 6th Feb.2021. Sr. Rose Joe had undergone an operation in the Medical Trust hospital, Mundakayam. She went to Tonk alongwith the Sisters who came for feast day.

St. Peter's School
The members of the Secretariat for Administration, Formation, Renewal and Mass Media were convened on 1 November 2020, by Google Meet. The Secretariat for Mass Media was convened on Tuesday, 27th April to discuss matters related to Media.

Secretariat Meeting
Children's Day is a long awaited day for each child.........especially during this pandemic time.This year the happiness doubled itself as Children's Day was during Diwali holidays To make each child feel special an online program was conducted by teachers. Teachers presented an entertaining program including items like puppet show, song, dance etc. Sr.'Tessy Rose, The Manager of the school told an inspiring story to the children and bestowed Diwali wishes upon them.

Chavarul Competition
News & Events St. Chavara the first canonised Catholic male saint of Indian origin. He was an Indian catholic priest and social reformer. To celebrate the birth anniversary of St. Chavara, Chavarul Competition was organised for the Christian students of the school on 8In February 2021. The online competition was organised on Ms Teams platform. The students were divided into three categories. Classes I & II, III & IV, V to VIII. Students had to study Chavarul (St. Chavara's message to families) and recite them as many times as they could. The time limit was 5 minutes.