From the Editor's Desk


Dear Sisters,
We are living in a progressive and high tech world. Children and youth are not only familiar with these techniques but have mastered it. It is a need for the adutts/teachers/sisters to understand the power of this media and they need to team it. We cannot avoid its practice, teaching, learning/using; on the contrary, we need to take up the challenge by utilizing enough and proper time. Otherwise, we may be agents of counter productivity. What is counter productivity? Counter productive achieves the opposite result from one that you want to achieve. Violence as a means to achieve an end is counter productive. As a teacher, one is expected to be competent and use one's expertise in the teaching. If one is neglecting to get equipped, it is counter productive. If an employee's behavour goes against the legitimate interests of an organization and if the behavior can do harm to organization or people, customers or parents, it is counter productive. Similarly, cyber loafing especially in any form of non-job related tasks is counter productive. Intentional attempt of one to conceal this knowledge when their colleagues request it is counter productive. Similarly giving wrong information, knowledge, document etc are counter-productive. Inter personal conflict in the community, workplace can lead to counter-productive work behaviors. Such conflicts can be due to defiance, undermining, colluding with others, lack of openness, procrastination etc.
Counter Productivity is not only applicable to material things, in spiritual realms, if we are avoiding the daily meditation, spiritual exercises, it can result in counter productivity of that person, that community etc. Hence, dear Sisters, let us try not to be counter productive but be proactive and ultra efftcient.
Sr. (Dr.) Elizabeth Wiliiam CMC
Regional Superior